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    Royal Oak Ads Aim to Boost Tourism

    In the digital age, we’re constantly surrounded by ads, often ones promoting the products and services of large companies. However, in Michigan, TV viewers, Pandora subscribers, and social media users will be exposed to an ad for a place instead: Royal Oak.

    Last November, several websites reported on an advertising initiative that had a goal of bringing Michiganders to Royal Oak. We’ve seen Detroit’s growth over the past few years, and it now seems that wave of prosperity is hitting Metro Detroit as well. But what are the ads actually saying about our region, and how will they work?

    Creating A Slogan For Royal Oak

    One way to keep people engaged in an ad campaign is to create a slogan with innumerable permutations. By creating ads that cover a myriad of topics and promote a wide range of offerings, agencies can create longer-lasting branding. The slogan created for Royal Oak seems to adopt this type of strategy.

    The slogan itself is actually a formula: “X is Y. X is Royal Oak,” X is what you want to promote, and Y is a noun or descriptive phrase associated with X.

    For example, on ROMi.gov, a slider ad reads, “Brunch is salvation. Brunch is Royal Oak.” on top of an image showing a fruit-topped waffle, a mimosa, and a cup of coffee. In the bottom of the graphic is Royal Oak’s logo: a tasteful R and O linked together with cursive ornamentation and second slogan that remains unchanged across various ads: “Life Now Playing.”

    These ads can be easily adapted to fit any downtown business. For example, if Detroit Sign Factory was in Royal Oak, our ad could read, “Signs are expression. Signs are Royal Oak.”

    Pretty catchy, right?

    Royal Oak Street Sign

    M1 in Royal Oak // Image by Adam Moss via Flickr

    Who Is Making The Ads?

    The company behind Royal Oak’s new slogan is an ad agency called Factory Detroit Inc. headed by Mark Lantz, the man behind the state’s “Pure Michigan” campaign. In Crain’s, Lantz showed a lot of pride for this part of the state, saying the following about Metro Detroit:

    “When I landed from San Francisco 15 years ago, Royal Oak was the place … there was no Ferndale or Midtown. We want to remind people that Royal Oak belongs on every short list of great destinations to consider.”

    Although Factory Detroit is local, they hadn’t worked with local clients before coming up with their campaign for Royal Oak. This means that the city got to support a local business in their efforts to rebrand their city.

    In fact, local businesses played a large part in funding the ad campaign overall. The Royal Oak Downtown Development Authority used taxes collected in the downtown district to hire Factory Detroit. One could say that the more money people spent downtown, the better the city’s ads could be.

    Downtown Royal Oak

    Royal Oak // Image by pjb101361 via Flickr

    Why Are These Ads Beneficial?

    Royal Oak’s ads will be appearing on TV, across social media, on billboards, and even on Pandora Internet Radio. Their goal is to expose more people to the activities available to them in Royal Oak, whether they live in the state or not.

    By sharing what makes Royal Oak special, the ads also celebrate the region as a whole. The surge of activity in downtown Detroit is extending to the rest of the Metro Detroit area like a tree trunk nourishing its branches, and that’s something all of us in southeast Michigan can get excited about.

    Featured image by Jayson Ignacio via Flickr
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