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    Architectural Signs Are The Result Of Great Teamwork
    Featured image by Tim Evanson via Flickr.

    When we step into a business, we often take cues from the color and décor before meeting anyone who works there. We also may have a reaction to the very space we find ourselves in; what the architect has meticulously designed to reflect a business’ needs in welcoming its customers. As sign makers, we do a lot to brand spaces once they’re built. But we also work with designers and builders to create architectural signs that help communicate important things to the future inhabitants of a building.

    If you’re curious about why our team works with architects, we have a few insights we’d love to share with you.

    Our Roles Intersect

    When a new business opens up, their first concern might be their location. They can either become a tenant of an existing building or construct something themselves. For larger companies, the latter option is often more appealing because they can customize rooms and layouts to fit their specific needs. The architect then creates a blueprint for a customer based on their requests while also following building codes.

    This is where we come in.

    Part of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), which you can read more about here, requires pubic spaces to have certain types of signs. Some of the most common are raised letter signs and those for accessible parking. Once an architect has determined where each of these signs must go (and how many are required for the project), a sign maker can produce and install them to meet specifications.

    There Are So Many Types of Architectural Signs

    Once it has been decided which signs are required, ADA or otherwise, a client then gets to choose how they’d like them to look. As an extension of branding, it’s important that each sign communicates brand messaging clearly in a way that doesn’t seem out of place.

    Creative architectural signs

    An example of creative architectural signs (Image by Dennis van Zuijlekom via Flickr)

    HotelDesigns.Net published a list of what it considers to be the ten most important types of architectural signs in the hotel industry. What’s interesting is that a lot of the categories that made their list feel important to businesses of all types, specifically their mention of external brand signs, internal way-finding signs, and meeting room signs.

    Sign makers have numerous ways to help with external branding, like with cabinet signs and channel lettering. And we can add a bit of flair to way-finding signs and signs that mark specific rooms. For these, we can create wall graphics, etched glass, and so many other options to guide people while subtly communicating a business’ personality.

    Architects and Sign Makers Share a Common Goal

    While architects design and create spaces, sign makers customize and brand them, and in doing so, we both serve the same clients. We also share a common goal, which is making sure business get exactly what they need from their space so they can effectively share their amazing products and services with their customers.

    If you’re a business owner looking to build a space, or if you’re an architect starting a new project, we hope you have a local sign maker’s name handy. We can build something beautiful together.

    To read more about the different people we team up with to bring your business to life, check out our recent article about marketing professionals.

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