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    Back To School Signage in Detroit

    Last week, we discussed the back to school season, specifically how schools across the world were using custom signs to prepare for the upcoming school year. This week, we have a similar story of a Detroit high school campus, University Prep, that is using wall graphics and signs in a similar way. How did we hear of this local story? We were their partners in their project!

    Rep the Prep

    University Prep had a goal when they first contacted us: to get students excited about coming back to school. That, and they wanted to add a bit of flair to their décor.

    University Prep has a particularly fun slogan for school spirit: “Rep the Prep.” It’s something that’s easy to chant, cheer, and in our case, create giant wall decals for their hallways. The school wanted students to see something eye-catching and exciting when they first came back, so we created large, collegiate-style letters (about 5’ tall) spelling out the slogan. Each word adorned a freshly painted (red) section of a main hallway. What a stand out!

    In addition to this, we were asked to create some etched glass window decals to add a bit of branding and privacy to the school’s administration offices. The etched glass decals cover the lower half of the glass windows, allowing for a bit of privacy at eye level. As you can see in the featured image for this article and the image below, they chose quotes that would inspire students while helping them build character. Quotes include “OUR ACTIONS HAVE PURPOSE,” “WE WORK WELL BY OURSELVES AND IN TEAMS,” “LEARNING IS EXCITING,” “WE CARE ABOUT PEOPLE,” “WE THINK BIG AND DO,” and of course their U Prep logo.

    Back to school signs

    An example of the back to school signage we created for University Prep.

    As University Prep prepares for a new school year with professional-looking signage throughout their building, millions of other schools are also preparing for fall semester, which is why we’ve also created a few helpful tips for staff considering last-minute updates to their own hallways and classrooms.

    Back To School Prep: 101

    When we think back to school, we think of colorful folders, textbooks, new outfits, and pep rallies. For faculty, the first few days of school might be seen differently, specifically for the first few hours as students find their way around their campus. Signs that plant into the ground, what we refer to as yard signs, with helpful arrows and navigational cues can help students get from the bus loop to their home rooms.

    Once they are inside and making their way through the building, colorful banners with the school’s logo and welcome messages can help inspire school spirit. Depending on what the messages say (and whether or not they mention the year), faculty might even be able to re-use these banners every fall. The aforementioned pep rally is another great place for large hanging or stand-alone retractable banners that promote a school’s sports teams.

    The most important thing when thinking about the back to school season is that the first day of school can be a great chance to start a new year on the right foot. Whether or not a school uses custom banners to do so is secondary to this point. Once the students have taken their seats, sharpened their pencils, and the teachers have collected their apples, the real fun begins.

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