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    4 Reasons To Consider Boat Wraps And Decals This Season
    Featured image by risastla via Flickr

    Boating season is a glorious thing in Michigan. After a winter full of snow and sleet, putting your boat in the water signifies the warm weather approaching and the countless hours one is about to spend with friends and family on the water. Part of taking your boat out of storage, however, is work: taking off the covers, cleaning the cockpit/cabin, and checking the hull for needed repairs. Boat wraps and decals can help make for an exciting summer, and we can take one project off your list: making your boat look cool.

    As sign makers, that’s where we come in. This spring, before your vessel hits the Detroit River, Lake St. Claire, or another lake Great or small, consider these four things.

    4. Redo your boat’s name before you entertain.

    Throughout the summer, boat owners begin to write wish lists. On them are the things they don’t want to do while they’re entertaining every weekend: things like getting cushions re-upholstered, buying new lines, replacing winch handles (if you’re a sailor), etc.

    One thing that’s always on our personal list is touching up the boat’s name on the aft above the rudder. After a few years of wind and water, it seems like it could always be refreshed. With vinyl decals, you can quickly change the colors and lettering of your boat’s name so it’s pristine for another season. Or, if you’ve gone too far with a pun-themed boat name, this is your chance to reconsider.

    3. Uniform fleets with boat wraps imply professionalism.

    Being a state surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes, we have a lot of people whose livelihood is built around watercrafts. There are tours, fishing charters, houseboats, jet ski rentals, and so many other types of businesses. One thing that sets these companies apart from others is that they’re offering a service as well as a safe experience for their customers.

    Safety can be seen in how many life jackets you have, but it can also be felt in the way you represent your fleet. Boat wraps that have a logo in the same spot on every vessel, or even a number system to keep organized, can convey thoughtful professionalism, creating loyalty with customers before they even leave the dock.

    Professional boat wraps

    Boat wraps like this for competition comprise of simple vinyl characters // Image by Bengt Nyman via Flickr

    2. Trailered boats have a lot of eyes on them.

    Owners of small and medium-sized motorboats have a distinct advantage over those who captain larger boats: they can go wherever they want to. Rather than leaving their vessel at a dock for the summer (which also comes with benefits), they simply have to drive to a launch site; whichever one they like.

    However, this also means their boat might stay on a trailer when it’s not in use. A lot of eyes are on these boats because the hull can be seen out of the water, whether its being driven down the highway or sitting in a driveway.

    Because of this, boat wraps can be the perfect confidence boosters. A highly detailed graphic or a sharp color can create the perfect accent to catch the eyes of onlookers. And at the end of a few seasons, it can be replaced or swapped out for a new wrap!

    1.Tax season is upon us.

    There’s still a little time before income tax returns are due, which means may of us will be getting rebates from the state or the federal government. As boat owners, if we have money to spare from our rebate, it’s likely going to go back into our boats anyways.

    If you plan to buy a new boat this year, now is the perfect time to create your own boating experience with a new name. And if you’re interested in some cosmetic upgrades to your watercraft or fleet, now might be the perfect time to get them done.