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    How to Turn Your Branding Into a Unified Space Customers Can Enjoy

    Companies that offer a recognizable product or service have an easier job when it comes to branding. Take, for instance, a pizzeria: Putting a slice of pizza in a logo and painting their walls the color of marinara would be an excellent way to translate their branding to their physical location.

    However, companies that offer more complicated services have a trickier time. How does a company that offers logistics explain to their customers what they do through a logo and colors? This specific question was posed to us in a recent project we worked on, and we found the end results too interesting to keep to ourselves.

    EMO Trans Clocks

    One of the decals and the clocks we installed for this customer (more info below).


    Introducing our Client

    We recently worked with a company called EMO Trans. As mentioned above, they specialize in “customized global logistics.” This means they get their customers’ goods from point A to point B, often handling transportation, tariffs, and temporary storage. EMO Trans has 90 offices in 17 countries, and their network includes 250+ locations in 120 countries.

    We worked with their office in Romulus, near the airport, to create a workspace that accurately reflected what they do. But first we had to figure out how to translate their business offerings to a visual medium.

    Turning Ideas Into Branding

    Because EMO Trans works with clients across the globe, they wanted to represent this international flavor in their office. They already had many quotes on the walls to inspire their employees. They wanted to add a world map but needed something modern, reflecting who they are as a company.

    Detroit Sign Factory created two large maps: one US map and the other a world map. Each was colored blue (one of their brand colors) and included red and yellow circles denoting their numerous locations around the globe. We then installed these large wall murals onto the walls of EMO Trans’ office.

    EMO Trans International Branding

    The internationally inspired wall mural we installed for EMO Trans (see feature images for the national decal).


    For the local employees, the maps create a feeling of pride in the company, taking an extensive network of locations and representing them visually in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. In addition to these maps, we created other signage for the space, including a lobby sign and a wall decal with their logo.

    What’s interesting about their logo decal was that it coincided with something unique we also helped them install: a row of clocks.

    The idea behind these clocks was that they would be set to different time zones, in the same style as one might see in a bank or a newsroom. Again, the customer chose to do this to reflect the fact that they are a global company with an international network at their disposal.

    EMO Trans Lobby Sign

    The lobby sign we installed for EMO Trans.


    The Overall Effect of Branding

    By combining our signs and decals with our customer’s ideas and designs, we were able to take the corporation’s offerings and turn them into a visually interesting experience. We helped them create a cohesive environment to reflect what they do, and we’ve added another dimension to how the company sees itself. They now have a branded space their customers can visit and enjoy.

    To learn more about marketing, sign makers, and how they coincide, be sure to check out our other articles on our blog.

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