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    Business expos and trade shows are a great opportunity for you to showcase your company’s brand, along with any products or services you offer. At times, though, these events can seem overwhelming. How do you plan for a trade show? What signage products should you use that will effectively tell…

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    To get the most out of a trade show event, you need to properly prepare. While checklists are a great way to stay organized, but there are other important considerations to make. In fact, many considerations will make a simpler checklist that will lessen the burden for preparations leading up…

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    When thinking through the signage needs of your office, storefront business, or retail operation, you probably did not make folding display panels a major line item. Although company owners active on the trade show circuit have come to love these products, those not as frequently presenting there have yet to…

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    The trade show circuit has a deceptively simple setup: companies present their new services or host product launches. But there is a lot more to this marketing opportunity than meets the eye. At these events, businesses make lucrative connections that can become the difference between staying in business and having…

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    Are you harnessing the full power of available trade show displays in Detroit Metro halls, expo venues, and other meeting facilities? It is impossible to understate the importance of a customized approach to this marketing opportunity. Trade Show Statistics As noted by the Business Expo Center, trade show attendees come…