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     Featured image by Angie Linder via Flickr Detroit is a city built on hard work, ingenuity, and industry, and one of the sweetest things to come from it in the last century is Faygo (Vernors is, of course, the spiciest). The brand has a fascinating history that ultimately represents the American Dream….

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    Featured image by dustin_lewis via Flickr Imagine walking up to the glass door of your favorite local business and seeing their hours printed above the handle on a window graphic. Now picture walking up to the same door, but the hours are printed on a piece of paper. Even if…

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    After an exciting first year at Detroit Sign Factory, I decided to take a trip down to Austin, Texas, to see my son who’s recently landed down there. In the months since his move, a lot has changed in Michigan. I’ve helped promote scores of Detroit businesses, I’ve met other…