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    4 DTW Tips To Get You Excited About Traveling

    An interesting deal showed up for shoppers this Cyber Monday: heavily discounted airfares. It seems that airlines across the country have started offering amazing rates for trips booked in the spring, and Detroit has joined the excitement. The Free Press even published that travelers could fly from DTW to Paris for less than $300! With so many people thinking about far-off destinations, we thought we’d share some interesting DTW tips for those visiting Detroit’s international airport, including some advice on how to spend your time before your next discounted flight.

    DTW Tip #1: You can get to DTW in an hour for less than $3

    If there’s a SMARTbus stop near you (or you are able to park near one), you may be able to take advantage of a really great transportation method. SMART, which has been serving the area since 1967, has launched its FAST service, which stands for “Frequent, Affordable, Safe Transit.” This new offering has limited stops for faster travel and aims to connect Downtown Detroit to the suburbs as well as the airport.

    To get people excited about the new bus routes, FAST busses will be free between January 1-15 and only $2 (plus $.25 transfers) after that, according to Curbed Detroit. The service is also aiming to get people from downtown to their respective terminals in about an hour, which is quick when riders consider they no longer need to find parking.

    While DTW sometimes seems far away in Romulus, we imagine this new service will change the way people think about catching their flights out of Detroit.

    DTW Tip #2: Check out the great local food options

    As is becoming the trend in many major airports, Detroit has started offering its dining spaces to regionally specific restaurants. Doing this is a great way to get people excited about local favorites before they even leave the airport.

    For example, those flying into DTW can find locations for Bigalora (also located in Ann Arbor, Southfield, and Royal Oak, among other towns across Metro Detroit) and Plum Market (which has spots across the Ann Arbor and Bloomfield areas).

    A lot of travelers have noticed the North Terminal of DTW does not have very many food options. However, this terminal is going to receive renovations in 2019 to add more local and chain options for diners awaiting their flights. Among the many restaurant planned to open as a part of this construction are Detroit’s own Atwater Brewery as well as a Jolly Pumpkin Taphouse.

    DTW tips include the Light Tunnel

    A photo of the Light Tunnel in DTW // Photo by Joanna Poe via Flickr

    DTW Tips #3 and #4: Check out the Light Tunnel and the Water Feature

    For those with layovers or a bit of extra time before their flights, the Light Tunnel and the Water Feature can be great ways to unwind. The Light Tunnel, constructed by FoxFire Glass in Pontiac, connects the three concourses of the McNamara Terminal. Those who pass through it are surrounded by a calming LED light display and sounds to match it.

    The Water Feature at the center of Concourse A greets many travelers as they pass between security and their gate. What’s so mesmerizing about this indoor fountain is its use of segmented streams, which, according to The Points Guy, another site with plenty of DTW tips, are meant to resemble the dotted lines on a flight map.

    People have also been known toss coins into the Water Feature to make wishes. This money is then periodically collected and donated to various non-profits.

    Whether you’re flying overseas with tickets purchased through a Cyber Monday deal or just going out of town to see family, these DTW tips can be lead to a fun experience. Not everybody looks forward to visiting the airport, but an airport like ours can make traveling a bit more exciting.

    Featured image by VasenkaPhotography via Flickr
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