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    Create A Vibrant Office Space With Etched Glass Film

    Imagine you’re walking through an office building. It’s full of windows and people working hard behind them. As workers get up, walk around, type, or talk on the phone, it’d be hard not to notice their movement. So how does a small business owner add a bit of privacy to their workspace while keeping their building filled with natural light? There’s a solution with etched glass film.

    There are quite a few benefits to installing etched glass film, or privacy film, to your workspace. And there are a few different ways we sign makers can install it so that it still reflects your brand and style.

    Etched glass privacy film

    Etched glass film we installed to tastefully obscure office windows.

    Increasing Privacy

    The most common use of etched glass film is to make clear windows opaque. What we install does not totally obscure what’s on the other side of the glass. Instead, it blurs things out, which allows natural light and large shapes to remain visible.

    Create a Division of Space

    Office buildings with a lot of windows can reap huge benefits from having etched glass film installed. For one, it can help turn see-through walls into tasteful partitions between desks or rooms.

    For example, some offices only have their etched glass go up 5’ or so in order to maintain full transparency at eye level. That way, when someone is sitting at their desk, they’d be less likely to get distracted by movement inside another room. But, on the other hand, people sitting on the other side of these etched glass windows can still stand up and see their co-workers hard at work.

    Detroit Sign Factory installed etched glass film in a law firm to all the office sidelights, front door, and the glass wall of the conference room to allow for some extra privacy and to prevent distractions.

    Etched glass office

    Another example of how etched glass film can add privacy to your workspace.

    Internal vs. External Installations

    While etched glass is often seen inside offices, it can also be very useful on external windows. Take, for example, the front doors and street-facing windows of a building.

    Many businesses have glass doors so their customer’s can see inside to the reception area, and their windows allow employees to enjoy a view. Some businesses, however, don’t want to give people walking past that much visibility into their space.

    Recently we installed full panels of etched glass film on the exterior doors of Eagle Specialities (seen in the featured image for this article) to allow the owners to have more privacy. They are located on a busy street with lots of people walking by, but their business doesn’t require the foot traffic that the previous owners needed. We added the negative space of their branded logo for a special touch.

    Boost Brand Awareness and Add Your Logo!

    While we’ve been talking mostly about large partially blurred windows, there’s another exciting option sign makers can offer to add a bit of flair to etched glass: adding your logo. We showed you the negative space that the logo can create in a long etched glass film panel, but we can also add your logo in etched glass film instead of a colored vinyl decal.

    Etched glass office door

    An etched glass logo within the confines of an office.

    A co-working space for local architects, SpaceLab Detroit, installed etched glass film to each of the office doors with the co-working partner’s logo. This gives branding identity to each space but keeps a cohesive look in the office.

    Where You Can See This in Action

    We had the opportunity to work with a business in Commerce Township, Levin Insurance Agency. They wanted large etched glass film decals on their two front windows. This gave them the additional branding that they needed but still allowed the sunlight to shine through to their business.

    Etched glass logo

    A client of ours who wanted the style of etched glass film in the shape of their logo.