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    Why Detroit Food Trucks Need The Right Signs

    Mobile dining has been an America tradition since almost as long as cars have been around. Food trucks are just the latest craze that combines the two. While food trucks are nothing new (the Smithsonian dates Los Angeles’ loncheras back to the 1960s), they’ve become more prevalent in large cities recently. Traverse City now has its own block of food trucks, and dining sites like these are also already very prevalent in cities like Austin, Texas. We are starting to see them more in Detroit as spaces around town are becoming more social like the Esplanade on Woodward Avenue.

    As we partner with more and more of these entrepreneurial food truck owners, we’ve been thinking about the different ways mobile food businesses can maximize their signage. Here’s our guide to food truck signs that keep things fresh.

    Branded Vehicle Wraps

    While our first suggestion may seem obvious to some, it’s important to point out how a professionally wrapped food truck can help its owner stand out. In addition to placing a colorful logo or design on a vehicle, we can also remind customers to follow the business on social media.

    Wraps aren’t limited to the traditional placements one sees on vans and trucks either. For example, some food trucks have their service window concealed beneath a hinged canopy. When this canopy is open, employees can pass food from the kitchen inside to the hungry customers. When this canopy is closed after meal service is over, it is smart to make sure you are still is generating business.

    The best way to do this is to put catering information, a website, business hours, and a phone number on the canopy so passersby can learn more about the business when it’s not open.

    Food truck cart

    An example of a food cart we created signage for.

    Stand-Alone Signs and Dry-Erase Magic

    As customer preference, ingredient availability, and creativity change in food, so does a food truck’s menu, which means it can sometimes be tough to keep menu signage updated. There are solutions for keeping this important part of the ordering process professionally branded while also allowing food truck owners to easily make changes: dry-erase signs and chalkboard vinyl.

    We can install decals that function the same as dry-erase boards or chalk boards, branded with a customer’s logo on them. This combines the branding that designers have created with a level of flexibility that is crucial for running a restaurant. If there are certain staple menu items that are unlikely to change, food truck owners can also opt to have them professionally printed beneath their logo while also leaving space for a changeable surface beneath.

    Banners for Food Trucks that Cater

    In addition to renting spaces where customers can visit them, many food truck owners are willing to drive to local events for private catering opportunities. This could mean driving to a venue in town, or it could mean traveling to someone’s home for a wedding or special celebration.

    For events like these, it can also be helpful to have additional A-frame signs or banners to direct customers where to place their orders. These signs can be as simple as a logo, an arrow, and contact information, or they could detail the complete menu. All the food truck owner needs is permission from the celebrants, and they will be able to let guests know exactly whose delicious food they’re enjoying.

    One of the newest food truck owners in Detroit is Yaman Hot Dogs’ food cart. This mobile cart will be serving delicious hotdogs around the city soon. Look for them and their beautiful new food cart.

    Food trucks in Detroit

    Another shot of the food cart we created signs for.

    So, if you have a new food cart or truck or an “experience” food truck that needs a facelift, come see us at Detroit Sign Factory and we will make you look like new.

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