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    Boats Wraps for Labor Day and the End of the Season

    A few months ago, we talked about the benefits of making beautification updates to your boat at the beginning of the season. DiscoverBoating.com marks the boating season between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which means many are about to plan their last big weekend on the water. The time to upgrade paint and decals is upon us again, and this week, before we discuss the benefits that come from boat wraps, we’d like to spotlight a recent project we worked on for Showdown Motors, a classic car dealership in Fraser, MI.

    What we did for Showdown Motors

    Showdown Motors is a family-owned business that buys, sells, and trades classic cars. They have a passion for what they do, and they want to show it off. 

    While “Showdown” is the name of our client’s company, it’s also the name they requested we install on the sides of their boat. The powerboat, made by Fountain, is quite long, which gave us the room to create a boat name about 18 inches tall and 4 1/2 feet wide

    We worked closely with the owner to find a font that he liked, and we added several shadows of colors to make the design pop. It matched the boat manufacturer’s logo quite well, making it seem as if they had bought their boat with its current design already on it!

    Check out below what the boat looked like when we were all finished.

    Boat wrap forShowdown Motors

    Images of the boat wrap we did for Showdown Motors.

    What we can do for you

    While boat wraps allow boat owners to add custom logos to the sides of their boats, they also allow watercraft owners to change the colors of the vessels, add decorative stripes, and cover up larger exterior blemishes. If you have a fleet of jet skis or charter boats, boat wraps and decals can also be a great way to create uniformity between watercrafts or indicate vessel numbers for identity.

    By hiring a sign maker to help with the process, one gets both the design and the professional installation that comes with it. Installing a large decal can be difficult to do without creating air bubbles or a misaligned graphic, especially on a surface that isn’t flat. An experienced sign maker can ensure that your design goes on without any issues.

    Why Get a Boat Wrap After Labor Day?

    After you pull your boat out of the water for the season, take a look at its exterior. Could it use some sprucing up? Does the name seem faded or chipped by the weather or boat hoist? Is the location of your home port outdated? If there’s a reason to install a new decal or to wrap your boat, consider doing it at the end of the season so you have something to look forward to once Memorial Day comes around again.

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