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    Learn About the Builders of Change Program at Detroit Sign Factory!

    The Detroit Sign Factory team firmly believes that changing the world begins at home. As a corporate citizen, it means being active in our community and supporting the friendly folks who are helping us grow as a business. It also means that – at the end of the day – we leave Detroit a little better than we found it.

    Builders of Change Program at Detroit Sign Factory

    Builders of Change Program at Detroit Sign FactoryCase in point is our Builders of Change program. Early on, we discussed how we would honor our commitment to the city and its residents. Ron, Kay, and the staff were in agreement that we would focus our attention on providing opportunities to youngsters. For this reason, we recognized four charities that we believe encapsulate our vision for a changed Detroit.

    Organizations We Support

    1. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Detroit. This team needs no introduction. It focuses its attention on youngsters between the ages of 6 and 18. By relying heavily on a mentoring program, the group has impacted the lives of more than 9,800 youths in the area.
    2. The Rosa Parks Children & Youth Program. Focusing on providing tutoring, peace education, and alternatives to violence with art therapy, this group seeks to provide creative outlets for youths at risk. Concurrently, the program offers support groups for boys and girls in the difficult teen years.
    3. Capuchin Soup Kitchen. Of course, none of this matters if the stomach is empty. The soup kitchen offers meals that feed the body.
    4. Southwest Solutions. The organization tackles the housing problems many of Detroit’s youths face. In addition to providing counseling solutions and assistance with economic opportunities, this grouping of volunteers and corporate sponsors seeks to rehabilitate neighborhoods.

    Why Corporate Involvement Matters

    Builders of Change Program at Detroit Sign FactoryOur Builders of Change Program at Detroit Sign Factory enables us to donate ten percent of quarterly profits to one or more of these charities. Businesses that spend more than $2,500 each quarter on signage solutions and associated services have the choice to designate one of the four charities that they want a donation to go to in their names.

    We recognize that it takes everyone – residents, youngsters, business owners, and charities – working together to affect real and lasting change. Moreover, by focusing our efforts on these worthy causes, we ensure that the donations we give amount to more than a drop in the bucket. They help with funding, supporting, and strengthening programs that are vital to a rebirth of the City of Detroit. And none of this aid would be possible without our business partners.

    How You Can Get Involved

    Builders of Change Program at Detroit Sign FactoryContact our graphic artists today to discuss your signage needs. We work with you to design, manufacture, and install the right sign products that meet your marketing and branding requirements. At that time, mention the charity that you would like to support. Once your spending total eclipses $2,500 for the quarter, we make the ten-percent donation to this group in your name. You can always support multiple organizations if you like. Call us now to discuss your preferences.

    Builders of Change Program at Detroit Sign Factory

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