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    LED Signs Give Businesses Some Distinct Advantages

    Many of us have seen Electronic Message Centers (EMC) before. They’re often referred to as LED signs as well. We notice them on the roads, outside businesses, and we even see giant, vibrant screens at sporting events. They’re the displays made up of hundreds of red, blue, and green light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that, when viewed from afar, create a high-resolution image or changing-message display.

    There are a lot of benefits to this technology once you understand how it works and how to use it. As sign makers, we’re able to help our clients drive foot traffic and increase awareness around promotions using LED signs, so we decided to create a guide about all things LED to help those who might be considering making the investment.

    How can new LED signs help your business?

    A new or updated sign can really boost your business. Here are some interesting facts from the Sign Research Foundation that would support the return on your investment in a new Electronic Message Center.

    •  50% of customers said that an old or poor sign deterred them from entering a business.
    • 68% of customers believe a sign reflects the quality of product or service of a business.
    • 76% of customers said they have entered a business they had never before because of the sign.
    • 60% of businesses that updated their signage saw a lift of 10%.
    • 75% of customers said they had referred someone to a business solely because of the sign.
    • 85% of your customers live or work within a 5-mile radius of your business.

    The biggest advantage to an Electronic Message Center over a traditional sign made of vinyl, wood, or plastic is that the LED lights are eye catching. They can have a simple, monochrome color scheme or even be full-colored (if one is interested in having their sign replicate the function of a television). And because these signs use lights to create messages and images, the signage portion can scroll, flash, or animate in different ways depending on how they are programmed.

    And speaking of programming, Electronic Message Centers are easy to update. Instead of re-printing a banner or re-arranging the letters on a marquee, LED signs can be easily programmed by their owners to say and do many things. This allows owners to update their messaging depending on what they want to promote.

    What kind of businesses should consider them?

    LED signs are particularly great for community buildings with lots of ongoing events. Schools and churches with fundraisers, concerts, and various announcements can easily program their Electronic Message Center to scroll through different displays in order to expose more people to their schedules. Plus, these signs are easy to read at night, making them a 24-hour advertising channel.

    Smaller businesses can take advantage of this technology too. Because LED signs can come in a range of different sizes, smaller business can get them sized to fit into a window display. For smaller stores, seasonal promotions, timely sales, and specific products all work well with this easily updated medium.

    LED Signs Lights

    Blue LED lights that would be used in an LED sign. (Image by Bill Bradford via Flickr)

    What is LED technology?

    What exactly is LED? Many sources give a technical definition involving electrical currents and microchips. However, the basic concept is much easier to grasp.

    EMC screens are made up of numerous, small red, blue, and green LEDs. They are then combined into a large grid where they light up based on their programming. The program effectively tells which color to turn on, when, and for how long.

    One thing that makes LED signs great is that they don’t use as much power as other types of electric signs. They do not get as hot as neon or bulbs that use filaments. Instead, they release their energy mostly through light waves, making them more efficient and helping owners save money on their utilities

    LED is still considered to be a recent technology, and it is getting better and more efficient every day. If you’re considering investing in an Electronic Message Center of your own, reach out to your local sign maker, and we’ll make sure you can effectively share your messages with even more people.

    Featured image by Jimmy Baikovicius via Flickr
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