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    Why You Should Get To Know A Local Sign Maker

    Let’s be honest: There are a lot of options out there when it comes to signs, especially with so many ecommerce options. However, having a relationship with your local sign maker has some distinct advantages. Not only do you get to know your sign partner better over time, but you have a partner who understands your needs and can improve of the quality of the final product.

    Here are some of the advantages for businesses every time they hire a local sign maker.

    Value-Added Services From Local Sign Makers


    In addition to producing the products your small business needs, local sign makers offer built-in design services. This value-added service makes the end result even more professional than when dealing with an unfamiliar company.

    For starters, they understand design. While many businesses already have designers on-staff, sign making companies are also well versed in Adobe Illustrator, Flexi Signs, and other sign-related design tools. Sign designers can handle variations to existing branding and create new designs based on your needs.

    Color Matching

    A large part of sign making and design is also matching colors. Imagine buying a van for your company and having a decal with a color that is a few shades off. It wouldn’t necessarily look bad, but it wouldn’t look its best. Having someone who specializes in matching color can ensure that you have the same image from vehicle to vehicle. Some companies have specially defined Pantone colors that are used in their logo or specified for each design. Following branding guideline documents and matching Pantone colors are important services that we provide. Understanding why this is important is key.

    Color Matching Local Sign Maker

    Color matching is a service local sign maker provides // Image by Alexander Mueller via Flickr

    Guidance For New Clients

    The largest value added to hiring a local sign maker, however, might be the advice that we can give to businesses that are just starting out. While a company like ours works on many large-scale sign projects, we also handle a lot of branding for customers who are new in business and have not ordered signs before.

    With customers like these, we are able to guide them toward the products and designs that make the most sense for what they do while staying within their budget. We’re also able to show them how different products can lead to different types of Return on their Investment (ROI). We have to say, one of the best aspects of being a small, local business is getting the opportunity to help other local businesses succeed.

    Things You Can’t Get Online

    Professional Installs

    While online companies can help businesses order in bulk, what they can’t offer is the in-person expertise that’s often required for installing large sign products or onsite vinyl on windows, walls, or doors. Vinyl decals in particular can be difficult to install successfully. Sign makers have the tools and the expertise that allow them to install these products bubble-free and ensure they lie flat on top of whatever they’re being adhered to.

    Balanced Sign

    Balance is important when installing sign products // Image by TJH1976 via Flickr

    Familiarity With What Your Business Does

    As you complete more projects with your local sign maker, it’s likely your partnership will grow and your sign maker will better know your needs. As your team anticipates the requests for specific files, your sign maker will also come to understand what your business is looking for. In the spring, they will remember that you have your big sale. As you add more vehicles to your fleet, they’ll be able to recreate the van wrap they did the last time, saving time with design and installation. The longer you work with your sign maker, the more symbiotic the relationship becomes!

    The “Do It With You” Experience

    As opposed to DIY sign projects where you design, order, cut, and install everything yourself, sign makers offer a “do it with you” experience. This type of approach means the sign always comes out right. Your sign partner will stand behind the results, meaning you’re always happy with how things look. It also means that you’ve put your money back into the community where you live and work. When hiring someone to help your company, what’s better than that?

    Featured image by Mike Lawrence via Flickr
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