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    Marketing, Signs, and Their Incredible Combination
    Featured image by Michael Coghlan via Flickr

    As a sign professional, I often work with the creative people designing logos, drafting advertisements, and choosing the perfect brand colors: marketers. Sign makers love great marketers, and marketers love great sign makers. It’s a symbiotic partnership between creativity and production, where ideas come to life and are seen by customers all over the world.

    Marketing and Advertising firms are among our favorite clients for lots of reasons, chief among them is the fact that they are the ones who create the images we print, manufacture, and/or install. A lot of great things come from such partnerships, and we’re here to tell you some of our favorites.

    #1: Marketing Can be Online AND Mobile

    One advantage to living in the Internet Age is that a huge amount of marketing is done online. SeriouslySimpleMarketing estimates that it costs about $900 to reach 2,000 customers with a direct mail campaign compared to $50 for SEM or $75 for social media boosting to connect with the same size audience. This has led a lot of businesses to hire their own marketing specialist to handle their online campaigns.

    However, emails are easy to delete, posts are easy to ignore, and search results are easy to skip over. That’s why many marketing specialists work with customers to add other forms of advertising to their mix. These designers often outsource their larger projects to companies with professional equipment to manufacture and install items like billboards, signs, banners, and vehicle graphics.

    The companies who use both traditional, digital, and mobile forms of marketing to establish brand recognition can hone in on their targeted demographics. They’re not just reaching people on their computers; they’re reaching them in the real world too.

    Marketing professional working on logo

    Image by Maxime Guilbot via Flickr

    #2: We Talk Jargon

    Marketing professionals are also amazing at translating things between clients and sign makers. When we work with a business owner, they know exactly what they want but often do not have the original files, design specifications, or colors defined for their logo.

    The beauty of adding marketing professionals to the mix is they are used to handling these design elements so that they know which file types to use, how large an image has to be, what Pantone colors are required to create truly consistent branding: the things that can get confusing. Marketing designers know the language. Sign makers do too, and when we work together, we can speak using the same terms, avoiding any confusion.

    #3: We’re Both Focused on Making Clients Happy

    The best part of sign maker partnerships with marketers is that we’re both working to satisfy the same person. We share the same client, and we share the same drive to make their business look amazing. Because of that, we’re able combine resources and deliver results that are both effective and eye-catching.

    Without marketing professionals, creating signs would take a lot more time. But because of the partnerships we’ve had since we opened, Detroit Sign Factory has printed and installed signs all over the city that our customers have loved.

    If you’re a marketing professional looking for a local sign professional to partner with, feel free to call or email us today for a free quote by following this link.

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