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    Mobile Business Success Stories About Vehicle Wraps

    Last January, we wrote an article for our blog about the benefits of wrapping your vehicle. In the months since we shared that article, we’ve gotten to help a few clients with this exact service and, along with that, we’ve gotten to hear some success stories. But before we get into these examples, we think you should know why wrapping your van can be a huge boon to your mobile business.

    How To Get A Vehicle Wrap

    Adding a logo to the side of your vehicle doesn’t take a lot of time. And, as an advertising channel, it requires very little effort on the part of the business owner. You simply visit your local sign maker, provide a high-resolution logo file, and we’ll print and install a decal for you.

    In the Internet era, your vehicle wraps can even include a website and graphics directing people to your social media pages. As you drive to jobs, drive home, or even drive to the grocery store, you’ll generate exposure for your business online and on the phone. It’s that simple.

    Social Media vehicle wrap

    An example of what your social media information can look like on a vehicle wrap.

    Promising Statistics For Your Mobile Business

    Lots of research has been done into the effectiveness of wrapping a vehicle with a logo. Factoring in the price of a graphic and installation, the cost per 1,000 impressions for a decal or wrap is about 4 cents as compared to $20-$25 for newspapers or television advertising.

    Now, imagine these statistics in the real world. Let’s say you own a mobile business and every day you’re driving to jobs. If you park your van or truck in a high-visibility area (especially one with your targeted customers, like a residential neighborhood), you can really generate a lot of interest in your products or services.

    If you apply this to a commercial fleet, your results begin to multiply. Each day, simply by driving around, your business collects impressions, and those add up. Dart Construction has grown their business now that their fleet of vehicles is advertising their business every day.

    Dart vehicle wrap

    A vehicle wrap we did for the Dart fleet.

    Real Life Examples

    We wrapped a vehicle for Ocean Racing recently and got to hear back from the owner. They sell polarized sunglasses and travel across the country to race. As they returned home from their trip to retrieve their racing boat, they began geographically tracking the leads they generated. By doing this, they can now investigate  how long they stayed in a place compared to the amount of interest they generated with their vehicle wrap. It’s exciting stuff!

    Vehicle wrap for a mobile business

    Another van we just finished wrapping today was for Re-New It, a mobile cleaning service. They are a great example of a business solely operated from their vehicle. They offer on-site car wash and detailing, home carpet cleaning, hardwood buffing, and upholstery cleaning. When they are out in a neighborhood, they are now advertising their business.

    Mobile business vehicle wrap

    To learn more, visit our page on vehicle wraps.