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    Why Banners And Decals Are Perfect For Your Seasonal Promotions
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    The beauty of a banner is that it makes a statement for your business. It tells everyone who sees it what your business is called and often includes information about how people can contact you (or follow you on social media). We recently made a seasonal promotion for a client celebrating Cinco de Mayo, which is why we decided to share the benefits of timely or seasonal promotions with you!

    Which season is banner season?

    Before we get into what banners for seasonal promotions look like, let’s talk about when they’re the most useful.

    As opposed to a traditional banner or tradeshow display, seasonal banners can put a specific product or service at the top of your audience’s mind.

    Take, for example, the holiday season. Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, and New Year’s happen consecutively within a seasonal time frame, which leads many businesses to offer discounts or deals during this time. This season is also perfect for promoting gift ideas. By designing a vinyl advertisement that’s winter themed, small businesses can get more eyes on the products their customers most want or need to see.

    And, on top of that, a business can re-use the banner every year!

    The other seasons that are great for seasonal promotions, depending on the business, are Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation/Wedding season (in May, June, and July), Halloween, Thanksgiving, and, of course, Black Friday.

    What works best on seasonal promotions?

    Once you’ve decided which season you’d like to promote, it’s important to decide how to be the most effective with your banner. After all, it’s best to create a banner that can be re-used on an annual basis.

    If your promotion corresponds with a time of the year (rather than a specific holiday), it might be best to design your marketing around a theme. For example, if your seasonal promotion is happening in the summer, you might include orange and yellow hues to represent the heat or blue to mimic evoke spent on the water.

    If aligning with a seasonal color scheme isn’t your style, then you can always default to the colors that correspond closest to your branding. Add your phone number, address, email, and social media handles, and you’ve got yourself an effective banner!

    Real-World Examples

    We’ve worked with quite a few clients who requested banners for specific times of the year. For example, we have worked with Aretee Spa and Salon to print banners for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and the Holiday Season. Spa packages are great gift ideas for any of these occasions.

    Check out some of the banners we printed!

    Banners for seasonal promotions

    We also recently worked with Alley Taco who requested window decals and small signs for Cinco de Mayo. This Mexican restaurant in Midtown is hosting a block party, so, instead of printing a vinyl banner, they opted for smaller signs so they could place them in multiple locations. Detroit Sign Factory took their design and printed it onto a clear decal that they affix to their window.

    Decal for seasonal block party

    (Note: This image has been reversed for readability.)

    No matter what holiday or season you’re promoting, your local sign maker can help you promote your events, products, and services in a way that fits your needs.

    For more information, visit our pages about banners and decals or send us an email.

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