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    Three Surprising Uses for Wall Graphics in Office Buildings

    Wall graphics are becoming more common in the offices of small business owners. These decals add pops of color and customized flourishes to spaces and can help establish branding and personality with their designs. They even come in a range of finishes to blend in or become more eye-catching.

    Many people hire sign makers to print wall graphics of their logos or inspiring quotes, but there are other surprising ways to use decals that really take advantage of the product.

    Wall graphic with an inspirational quote

    #3: Say “Cheese!”

    There are some businesses where customers expect to take photos. The first kind that comes to mind are escape rooms where visitors often end their game with a photo op to show whether they won or lost their challenge. For similar experience-based businesses that have photography built in, a wall graphic can really add polish.

    A photo backdrop wall graphic can be as simple as a logo and some text explaining what the photo being taken is of. The wall could also have the logo duplicated across it in a matrix to create a wallpaper effect. To leverage one’s social media presence, the graphic could even include handles for various websites or business-specific hashtags! Either way, creating a wall graphic that’s specifically designed for photo ops can only help those photos turn out even better.

    Wall graphic with a logo

    #2: Make a Great First Impression with Wall Graphics

    A great place to put a wall graphic is behind the reception desk of your building. This space is often the first thing customers see after they walk through the door, and, therefore, you’ll get a lot of people looking at a decal there. For companies that have non-traditional floorplans or have multiple departments working for them, creating a simple directory with way-finding arrows can help people know where they’re going.

    While having a receptionist is crucial for directing phone calls and checking-in potential clients, having navigational decals can help small business owners show off the scale of their operation. It can also help new employees find their way around a space while using fonts and colors to establish brand consistency.

    In one project we worked on for the Downtown Detroit Partnership (as seen in the featured image for this article), they took their organization’s entrance a step further by requesting that we install a white board decal for them. This allows them to communicate with and deploy their teams more strategically and post weather updates about the neighborhoods they work in.

    #1: Life Sized Maps for International Businesses

    Speaking of geographic wall decals, international or regionally-focused businesses can really bring the scope of what they do to life by putting enlarged maps on their walls. They can use these wall graphics as actual tools to show sales reps which areas they’re assigned to or in which cities they have an established presence. A large map can also show customers that, while the company is local, its impact is global. Plus, depending on how much detail is in the graphic, a map can make great décor.

    Wall graphic of a map

    We worked with one company that employed this idea in their office to show customers the size of the business’ network. The map they requested was printed in several colors: varying shades of blue for their service regions, black for the text, and red for the cities they have offices in. Against the light brown walls of their office building, the wall graphic really made their office stand out.

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