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    Why Vehicle Wraps Are Perfect for Car Owners of All Types

    Update 1/9/19: We first posted this article about vehicle wraps in January of 2018. To start off this year, we decided to look at this piece again and include a few new photos of vehicle wraps from a job we did for Lyft at the end of last year. To read more about Lyft’s partnership with MoGo, Detroit’s bike-sharing company, check out this article. Otherwise, read on for more about why vehicle wraps make so much sense for small business owners, fleets, and even car collectors!

    If you’ve ever seen a car with a custom graphic, a photo, a custom color, or a ton of writing on its side, then it’s likely you’ve seen a few vehicle wraps. It’s a product we sign makers can offer by applying printed sheets of vinyl to automotive paint. It’s a harmless process that has a short installation time and can last many years. But a lot of people wonder why it’s worth it to invest in a vehicle wrap in the first place …

    Well, we’re here to tell you some effective uses for vehicle wraps, the types of people who can use them the most, and some cool stuff they allow drivers to do.

    Vehicle Wrap Van

    A vehicle wrap that can be used on an entire fleet.

    Small Businesses and Passive Advertising

    Let’s say you have a pickup truck, one that you keep your tools in, drive to jobs in, and even take to the grocery store (maybe the new Meijer when it’s open). Hundreds of people see that truck simply because you’re driving it, which is why putting a logo on its side can be an effective use of passive marketing.

    Wherever you park, you are advertising your business, and the more you drive, the more people know who you are and what your company does. Better yet, the cost per 1,000 impressions for a vehicle wrap is about 4 cents as compared to $20-$25 for newspapers or television advertising. Mobile advertising is not just for corporate truck fleets anymore.

    Drivers of vans and SUVs often use vehicle wraps as well because of their large surface area. However, drivers of sedans should not be discouraged. Smaller wraps are just as easy to create. After all, police cruisers use them to display their department and jurisdiction.

    We can even put a simple logo on your door, trunk, or window. They’re called spot graphics, and they happen to be one of our specialties.

    Vehicle wrap spot graphic

    An example of a spot graphic we created in December, 2018.

    Vehicle Wraps for Paint Protection

    Another huge perk to wrapping a vehicle is that it helps protect the paint it covers. Because the vinyl we use is simultaneously durable and replaceable, it can help keep an original coat of paint in great condition, something that comes in handy when it’s time to resell your ride.

    Another way this aspect of vehicle wrapping comes in handy is for families that have teen drivers at home. During the high school years when kids are still learning to drive, they become far more accident prone, often scraping into other cars. Wrapping a beloved car with specialty vinyl can help prevent some of the exterior scrapes that are bound to happen.

    The vinyl gets scraped and hopefully not the paint. Once they graduate (or buy a car of their own), you can easily have the wrap removed.

    Bumper graphics

    Several graphics we installed to create branding on a mini van.

    It’s a Great Way to Turn Heads on the Road

    Have you ever heard someone say their car was so shiny they could see their reflection in it? The shortcut to this is a chrome/metallic vehicle wrap. The result is like that of a mirror in the color of your choice. And, because it’s semi-temporary, it’s a great way to draw attention to what you’re driving.

    A matte vinyl will give you the opposite effect. These custom vinyl finishes on your vehicle are eye-catching for sure, and they show people you have style with regards to what you drive.

    The best part of vehicle wraps, though, might be the fact that they come in so many different colors. You can turn your car pink for breast cancer awareness or light blue if you are a Lions fan. If your company has colors that identify your brand, you can feature them on your vehicle.

    If you love your car, you don’t have it trade it in to change its color. All you have to do is call up your local sign maker and tell them what you’re looking for.

    To learn more, visit our website page on vehicle wraps for more details.

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