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    More About The Yard Signs We See During Election Season

    The midterm elections are fast approaching, and free speech during this time is an important part of the democratic process. Not only will people be wearing their “I Voted” stickers, but lawns throughout the country will also be brandishing yard signs with candidates’ names.

    While these signs are top of mind, we wanted to talk a bit more about what makes them distinct from others, both in terms of their construction and the advantages they give those using them.

    Yard Signs 101: What Are They Made Of?

    In order for yard signs to withstand rain, sleet, snow, ice, and other destructive elements, they’re printed on corrugated plastic (coroplast) or poly-coated cardboard. The first of these two materials is more durable and can hold its shape better against the wind. Poly-coated cardboard is a more flexible material, and it is less expensive for consumers.

    What’s nice about these materials is that, after the yard sign has been printed, mounting one’s message is easy. Most often these signs have wire frames pushed into channels in the material. Poly-coated signs typically have their stakes stapled into them. Once the frame is complete, all that’s left to do is find a great spot in the grass to display the sign’s message.

    How to get the Most out of Yard Signs

    There are many directions one can take when designing a yard sign. Political candidates often stick to the colors of our flag to keep their designs simple and patriotic. Some campaign signs even stick to one color, either bold blue or bright red.

    Politicians aren’t the only ones who can use signs to their advantage. Many service-based businesses use these signs as well, especially those that work directly with property owners.

    For example, landscapers and snow plowing companies might create signs to put in the yards of their clients to advertise their services. Then the backdrop for each sign is a homeowner’s yard or driveway, showing potential customers what completed work actually looks like. The nicer looking a lawn is, the more effective a sign becomes. House painters, home remodelers, HVAC technicians, gardeners, and irrigation companies can all market their services using yard signs.

    Yard Signs on Lawns

    Image by Bart Everson via Flickr

    Real Estate Agents Can Take Things a Step Further

    Real Estate agents are well known for using signs to let people know when a house is up for sale or has already been sold. Established agents, however, often invest in more durable materials so they can reuse their signs at different properties.

    These signs often consist of a sturdy and reusable inverted L-shaped post with the sign hanging from the horizontal bar above it. The completed sign can have space for multiple displays too so an agent can have their name and contact info displayed in one place and an interchangeable display underneath it listing open house times.

    We’re only going to see more neighborhood yard signs flanking the sidewalks of Metro Detroit as November 6th gets closer. These signs show passersby who we are, what we represent, and who we support. After the elections are over, the yard signs that will take their place will hopefully do the same.

    Featured image by 1SarahSmith via Flickr
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