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    4 Interesting Facts We Bet You Never Knew About Signs of Logos

    Nothing makes more of a statement for a business than signs of logos. Not surprisingly, you see them on building signage, letterheads, and print brochures. But did you know that you could heighten the effectiveness of the logo’s presentation by having it become the focal point – rather than a supporting cast member – of your signage displays?

    1. Logos Look Great Inside a Lobby

    Signs of LogosFar too often, business owners limit their brand’s reach by only focusing on the letter displays of their companies’ names. They spell out the information in painstaking detail. Granted, the customized font and color play most certainly present an attractive look that works well in almost all lobby settings. Now imagine what would happen if they took the emphasis off the lettering and instead placed it squarely onto the logo portion instead. Soon, the logo becomes synonymous with the brand, which can be easier for the consumer to remember than a long name or one that consists of generic product terms.

    2. You can Transform any Logo Type into Exterior Branding Tools

    Signs of LogosOn the outside, dimensional and channel letters are favorite building signs. Once again, they spell out the company’s moniker and provide wayfinding assistance for the consumer in search of the business. However, what would happen if you were to emphasize the logo presentation with its iconic color play instead? Displayed as a lightbox cabinet, it attracts the attention of shoppers, who take in the spelled out version of the company’s name next. Once again, the logo signs quickly become the face of your brand presentations.

    3. Intensifying the Message is Easy with the Right Material Selection

    Signs of LogosSometimes a company gives equal play to a logo and lettering display. You can still draw more attention to the logo portion simply by selecting a material and color presentation that automatically draws the eye to the logo first. Do you see what we did here? We ensured that the logo, which is on equal footing with the name, becomes the focal point of the sign without actually requiring you to change dimensions, which could be a move toward re-branding. For example, if your letters feature brushed aluminum, why not do the same with the logo portion but introduce subtle tone differences with polish, brushing, and darkening of the area?

    4. Illuminated Logos are Excellent Interior Brand Reminders

    Signs of LogosLight draws the eye. This understanding is one of the reasons why illuminated lobby signs are quickly catching on in popularity. Adding electrical cabinets to the interior is not a new trend, but it is certainly one that is worth mentioning. Could you make it part of your standard lobby sign? Sure. But why not give the logo independent presentation space along the walls of your office, storefront, or service establishment? By presenting it independently from the company’s name, you help reinforce brand awareness among your customers.

    Ready to Buy Signs of Logos for your Business?

    Did we pique your interest in thinking outside the box and playing around with your logo presentation a little? The Detroit Sign Factory serves the business communities in and around Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, and Farmington Hills, MI. We also work with companies located all across Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.

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    Signs of Logos

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