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    There are many great Detroit restaurants, from fast-casual spots downtown to the creative cuisine found in Corktown. However, the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood hasn’t had a sit-down restaurant in over 30 years. At least that was the case until Norma G’s opened up this year. They’re also doing more than just serving…

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    Michigan has become fairly well known for its craft beer boom over the last decade. Not only is our land great for growing hops, but there has also been a renewed interest in creative, thoughtful brews. While companies like Dark Horse, Founders, and Bells are leading the way, there are…

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    Anheuser-Busch has been simultaneously firing shots and spreading messages of equality with various ad campaigns in 2019. A large company like this has to do a lot of PR to stay relevant and maintain an edge against their competition. However, Michigan craft beer brewers are weighing in, and they’re being…

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    First, Grand Rapids’ Hopcat made its way to Metro Detroit, opening locations in Ann Arbor and Detroit. Now, our side of the state is sending some culinary love over to West Michigan. Buddy’s Pizza, a Metro Detroit tradition known for Detroit-style pizza, is opening a location in Grand Rapids this…

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    Featured image of Scott Fountain by Joseph Novak via Flickr As one art fair in Southeast Michigan comes to a close, another is just starting to come to life. While the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair recently concluded on July 22nd, Detroit will be hosting the Belle Isle Art Fair on August…

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    Featured image by iboy_daniel via Flickr As we dive deeper into our series about design (follow the links to read our articles about logos and color psychology), we realized that the language we use for color is something worth exploring further. When we talk about colors, it can be hard to…

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    Featured image by Luca Florio via Flickr Businesses both large and small put a lot of thought into the colors they choose for their branding. As we discussed in a recent article, the decisions they make in creating a logo can extend as far as to the colors of their…

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    Featured image provided by Wystan via Flickr Some drink it while they’re mowing the lawn. Others prefer it while sticking their feet over the side of a boat. Many Detroiters remember their fathers and grandfathers drinking it after a long day of work. This week, we’re thinking about an iconic Detroit…

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     Featured image by Angie Linder via Flickr Detroit is a city built on hard work, ingenuity, and industry, and one of the sweetest things to come from it in the last century is Faygo (Vernors is, of course, the spiciest). The brand has a fascinating history that ultimately represents the American Dream….

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