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    Last week, we discussed the back to school season, specifically how schools across the world were using custom signs to prepare for the upcoming school year. This week, we have a similar story of a Detroit high school campus, University Prep, that is using wall graphics and signs in a…

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    Companies that offer a recognizable product or service have an easier job when it comes to branding. Take, for instance, a pizzeria: Putting a slice of pizza in a logo and painting their walls the color of marinara would be an excellent way to translate their branding to their physical…

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    Featured image by Bryan Debus via Flickr The beauty of a banner is that it makes a statement for your business. It tells everyone who sees it what your business is called and often includes information about how people can contact you (or follow you on social media). We recently made…

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    Recently, I was talking about Christmas plans with a friend from outside the city. He doesn’t visit Downtown Detroit often. I said we were going to go shopping, and he asked me, “Are there places to shop in Detroit?” It is a question those of us who live here field…

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    At Detroit Sign Factory, we’re often asked how we can help establish branding with our signs. But branding isn’t just about telling people outside who you are. It’s also about telling people who you are once they enter your space. There are many ways we can personalize the interior of…

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    In guerilla marketing, advertising products have to be low budget, attract attention because of their unexpected displays, and create an intense exposure for a brand, business, or product. Whether you are just starting out in business or aiming to shake up your marketing techniques, you cannot go wrong when advertising…

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