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    Any exterior sign will eventually fade, warp, crack or break. When this happens, you obviously need to repair your sign. But what are the causes of sign damage? How can these issues be fixed, or more importantly, prevented? This blog post is all about the various causes of exterior sign…

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    Do you want to save money on your signs? With sign refurbishing, you have the opportunity to get a contemporary look at a fraction of the cost involved in the purchase of a new sign. What is the trick? Read on to find out. Understanding the Difference: Repair, Restoration, and…

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    Why does it make sense to entrust any project to a full service sign shop for Ann Arbor MI, members of the business community? Why not just cobble together signage suites by going to the lowest bidders for each product? In a word: services. 1. Custom Sign Design You want…

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    Has your sign seen better days? Peeling, broken, or partially lit signs create an unappealing impression. By default, the consumer translates a company’s lack of concern about its signage into a failure to care much about product quality, customer service, and subsequent follow-up if there are problems or questions. When…

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