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    Companies that offer a recognizable product or service have an easier job when it comes to branding. Take, for instance, a pizzeria: Putting a slice of pizza in a logo and painting their walls the color of marinara would be an excellent way to translate their branding to their physical…

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    Update 1/9/19: We first posted this article about vehicle wraps in January of 2018. To start off this year, we decided to look at this piece again and include a few new photos of vehicle wraps from a job we did for Lyft at the end of last year. To…

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    Say you own a business like a hotel shuttle or taxi company. If one of your drivers showed up to pick a passenger up in an unmarked van, that wouldn’t instill much trust, would it? On the other hand, if your brand is clearly defined on your company’s vehicles, passengers…

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    There is little doubt that wrapped cars, trucks, or vans have a visual impact on the consumer at large. Studies have proven that the recall of an advertising message presented in this manner is near 98 percent. But the customer is getting increasingly sophisticated and expects more from vehicle wraps in…

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    How do you introduce the consumer in the corner of the parking lot to your brand? Is it possible to provide a prospective buyer with your niche and contact information while you stop at a red light? With vehicle decals and vinyl lettering in Detroit, you accomplish these things –…

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