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    Examples of Cabinet Signs for Ann Arbor MI Businesses

    In simplest terms, a cabinet sign is an aluminum box with built-in light sources that we close off with a polycarbonate facing. The standard front is flat and allows for direct imprinting with your message. A pan face setup has a stamped-out appearance that lets the facing protrude over the edge of the aluminum cabinet. Another display choice is the embossed front that shows a 3D presentation of your letters or logo. With these options in mind, what are the various available cabinet signs for Ann Arbor MI, businesses?

    Building Signs

    Cabinet Signs for Ann Arbor MI We install the electrical cabinet to the façade of your building. There, it features your company’s name, logo, contact information, and frequently also mentions of professional affiliations. Some companies prefer to display their building signs as rectangular cabinets while others opt for a custom-made box that features the shape of the corporate logo or a niche-specific image.

    Some clients have had excellent success with pairing a LED changeable reader board with a cabinet. In this situation, the facing features the company’s name and contact information at the top and bottom respectively. The middle is reserved for the reader board and the messages they want to send out. You might have seen these types of displays on the sides of school buildings and banks.

    Pylons and Monument Signs

    Cabinet Signs for Ann Arbor MI The monument sign signals the entrance to your parking lot. Zoning rules determine the height and width of the marker you might choose. Pylon signs are the large-scale equivalents of the monument. They typically identify the entrances to mini malls, business parks, and similar locations. Both products do well with cabinet signs to feature the names of vendors. The pylon sign, in particular, is suitable for the business and well-managed shopping center that wants to draw attention to its location by attracting motorists who are still a long way off. Depending on the construction of these signage solutions, the cabinet signs may feature two rather than just one facing.

    Pole-mounted Cabinets

    Cabinet Signs for Ann Arbor MI The pole-mounted setup is a favorite of fast food restaurants and gas stations with junior marts. Capitalizing on the brand awareness of the consumer, these businesses frequently display little more than a cabinet showing the logo in its iconic colors. Of course, for a relative newcomer to the area or trade, it makes more sense to display the name alongside the logo to help local consumers build product knowledge together with name recognition. Some businesses motorize their pylon displays to allow the sign to move in a circular motion, which adds an eye-catching component to the product.

    Order Cabinet Signs for Ann Arbor MI, Businesses

    Cabinet Signs for Ann Arbor MI Do you need more information about lightbox cabinet signs? The Detroit Sign Factory is your go-to provider for the most varied presentation of these products. We serve the business communities in and around Ann Arbor, Metro Detroit, Dearborn Heights, Farmington Hills, Battle Creek, and Dearborn. Of course, you see us work with clients all around the counties of Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne.

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    Cabinet Signs for Ann Arbor MI

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