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    FAQs About Fleet Vehicle Graphics in Detroit

    Our graphic artists frequently talk with company owners who want to learn more about the design of fleet vehicle graphics in Detroit. Some are surprised to learn just how advantageous it can be for the overall brand presentation of a company. Others have a difficult time envisioning their vehicles all showing off the same layout and graphic selection. To ensure that you have all the information needed to make a decision on your fleet vehicles’ appearances, we have put together this FAQ section.

    Q: Do I need an elaborate graphics layout and lettering setup to succeed in creating brand awareness?

    Fleet Vehicle Graphics in DetroitA: No, you do not. What you do need is a well-defined brand persona. This composition consists of an easy to recognize font and color combination. For example, something as simple as bright pink letters against a dark blue color can be ideally suited to get your brand message across. When you operate a fleet of vehicles with this basic setup, you cannot help but create brand recognition wherever you take the cars.

    Q: Should I incorporate themed images when putting together a fleet vehicle package?

    Fleet Vehicle Graphics in DetroitA: We highly recommend the use of niche-specific or themed images. Frequently, business clients have top corporate names and logos. Sometimes, however, they do not bespeak the company’s actual line of business. In these situations, we recommend the integration of a themed image that tells the consumer – without words – what your business does. A good example is the display of a lightning strike for an electrical contractor or a pipe wrench for a plumbing business.

    Q: Do photos have an impact when we use them as fleet graphics?

    Fleet Vehicle Graphics in DetroitA: They most certainly can! Of course, it depends on the picture you use. A good example is the dry cleaning business that uses the photo of a gorgeous garment. Without spelling out the details, the consumer is left wondering if the firm manufactures clothes, cleans them, or delivers them as a service to other companies. In other words, the graphic you choose must be highly specific to meet your business’ needs only. When selecting a photo for a fleet graphics package, we recommend staying away from stock images and instead picking something that is unique. Case in point would be a sandwich that your business is famous for making.

    Q: Do you have an example of fleet vehicle graphics in Detroit that feature all the bells and whistles a company might include in the product?

    Fleet Vehicle Graphics in DetroitA: You bet! The ideal fleet graphics package consists of a full wrap that features an eye-grabbing color and image selection. The lettering identifies the business on the upper third of the vehicle. Contact information spells out neatly alongside a website address. The bottom portion, or lower third, of the wrap includes detail-rich displays that highlight niche explanations, licensing numbers, and similar details. The layout shows balance and easily guides the eye from the catchy graphic over the name to the contact information. This kind of package would be about as perfect as they come.

    In fact, why don’t you call us and see what your perfect fleet vehicle graphics could look like?

    Fleet Vehicle Graphics in Detroit

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