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    How to Choose the Right Custom Building Signs in Ann Arbor MI

    The building sign you commission for the façade of your store or service establishment must transform a logo and written text into a tangible expression of your brand. We have worked with plenty of entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals who have had excellent ideas about their brand communication but failed to translate them into great signage. When thinking about choosing custom building signs in Ann Arbor MI, here is what you need to know.

    Zoning Laws, Lease Agreements, and Covenants Trump Creativity

    Custom building signs in Ann Arbor MIThe zoning department has put together a set of rules that all company owners must follow when doing business in the city. One part of these rules is the curtailing of overly large, flashy signage products. But there are other rules you may be subject to. For example, if you do business in an area where there are covenants in place, there may be additional stipulations on the look and feel of your signs. Some covenants prefer dimensional letters to cabinets. Next, there is your lease agreement. Does it limit your displays in any way? Some building owners prefer raceway-mounted channel letters to flush-mounted versions because of the damage the latter can do to the façade.

    Know the Options

    Custom building signs in Ann Arbor MIAlthough there are almost endless presentation choices, there are three basic types of building signs you will see all around Ann Arbor.

    1. Cabinet signs. The lightbox cabinet features an aluminum cabinet with a polycarbonate facing. This front may be an embossed pan face or a standard sheet of the material we imprint with your information. The box can come in any shape or follow a standard rectangular look. Cabinets are ideal for businesses that want to show more information than only a company’s name.
    2. Channel letters. The construction also involves aluminum for the body of the letters and polycarbonate for facings. There are several different illumination options. Front-lit lettering allows light to escape through the fronts. Back-lit versions create a halo effect. A combination of the two presents the consumer with an attractive light presentation. When a font is your primary branding vehicle, this signage solution makes sense.
    3. Dimensional letters. Imagine channel letters but without the illumination and material limitations. We can make these products out of outdoor-rated sign foam, metal, acrylic, and similar items. Because there is no built-in illumination, we recommend this product when you have façade lights in place.

    Get Professional Help

    Custom building signs in Ann Arbor MIResist the temptation to go it alone with an internet print shop that offers you a cut-rate deal on semi-customized building letters. Instead, entrust your custom building signs in Ann Arbor MI, to our full-service sign shop. We help you with the design of the product, find out the ideal display height based on the traffic patterns in front of your business, and assist with the permitting process. Because we understand the rules governing signage displays in your area, we work with you to keep your desired product well within those regulations.

    Call us today to find out what your ideal building sign could look like!

    Custom building signs in Ann Arbor MI

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