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    The New Business Owner’s Guide to Building Signs and Logo Displays

    Opening your first business gets overwhelming. Plenty of permits, logistics, and build-outs call for your attention. To make at least the signage selection a little easier, our full-service sign shop has put together some must-know facts about building signs and logo displays.

    Name and Logo Displays are not Optional

    Signs and LogoAlthough multitudes of other building signs are negotiable, the one that features your name and logo is not. It is a wayfinding tool that also fulfills marketing and branding functions. Moreover, consumers expect to do business with a company that has its proper signage in place. Although you might be able to keep your temporary Grand Opening banner in place for a week or so, after that time, you should put up the permanent sign.

    Common Newcomer Mistakes

    Newcomers to the local business community typically make one of three mistakes.

    • Handwritten signs. No matter how whimsical your products might be, the building’s front is the wrong place for handwritten products. It makes an unprofessional impression and leads consumers to believe that you misjudged the financial aspects of opening a store or office.
    • Improperly sized signage. You have undoubtedly seen the ads for the online sign stores that give you full creative control via a drag and drop menu. They print the signs you design without checking for zoning conflicts, color mismatches, or lettering height verification. You may end up with a product that the building inspector might not approve, which is also not a good fit for your location.
    • Overpaying for a sign. There is a broad range of options open to you. Sure, backlit stainless steel dimensional letters look fantastic, but there is little to be gained if you tie up your entire sign budget in one product. Consider the display of illuminated aluminum channel letters instead. When you have your heart set on metal, there is also the budget-friendly option of outdoor-rated sign foam that we can cover with a metal laminate, which makes it look like the real thing.

    Other Building Signs

    Signs and LogoNext up, there is a variety of building signs that are nice to have but not vital to the professional presentation of your new business. A good example is the display of mounted flags that feature your corporate colors and elaborate on your brand message. These products tell the customer why doing business with you is more beneficial for them than going to the nearest competitor.

    Another great option is the presentation of a LED reader board that spells out up to the minute marketing messages. Augment this setup with exterior point of purchase (POP) signs that persuade passersby to come inside and check out your products. You would typically mount these with wall frames or as light box inserts.

    Expand to Include Exterior Signs

    Signs and LogoRemember also that before you add other building signs, it may be best to invest in some exterior signs first. Examples include monument signs, post and panel setups, and directional signage. If all of this sounds confusing, simply call our knowledgeable business signs and logo specialists for assistance!

    Signs and Logo

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