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    One-Stop Guide to Custom Perforated Window Decals for Vans

    You run a vegan catering business. You pull up at a light outside the convention center where the latest expo sign reads, “How to Find Vegan Catering Companies.” A large group of attendees waits at the light. Answer quickly: does your van do a great job at advertising your service to this demographic? Unless you have a set of custom perforated window decals for your van, it probably does not. (Hint: Exchange “vegan catering” with whatever business niche you are in.)

    Top 3 Reasons Why Window Decals for Vans are Necessary

    Perforated Window DecalsAlthough we offered you the example with a bit of tongue in cheek, consider that you drive past members of your targeted demographic on a daily basis. They may either actively look for a business in your field or know someone who does. Unless your van advertises and brands your company, you miss a potential sales opportunity. In fact, there are three reasons why you need to consider adding window decals sooner rather than later.

    1. Generate name recognition.
    2. Boost product knowledge.
    3. Enhance brand awareness.

    Guide to Van Window DecalsPerforated Window Decals

    • Suitable for rear and side windows. Although some vans come with factory-blocked side window panels, you frequently still have rear window glass. Perforated decals are suitable for rear and side windows.
    • Micro-punctures for safety. What sets apart our opaque vinyl from the perforated product are micro-punctures. For vehicle window applications, we prefer a 50-50 ratio, which means that half of the plastic is solid and half consists of tiny holes. You can look outside, but the customer only sees your message.
    • Transparent laminate prevents dirtying. Because the product works via the reverse print process, we apply the decals to the van glass’ exterior. To protect your message from unsightly dirt and grime accumulation, we add a clear laminate that repels dirt.
    • Choose a shape. Many clients like to add a decal that fits the exact shape of the van’s rear or side window. Another option is the selection of a halo or contour-cut product that might feature a niche image or logo.
    • Bright colors look better. Because dark colors tend to absorb the light, they do not always come across well on perforated vinyl. Instead, we recommend bold, vibrant colors that stand out and grab the eye.
    • Useful across a broad range of business settings. Whether you are a caterer, delivery driver for a florist, operate a medical supply company, run a courier service, or transport your contracting business’ work crews to the various job locations, window decals for vans are ideal for your needs.
    • Budget-friendly. We work with single-vehicle operators as well as fleet managers who oversee van pools of varying sizes. Decals are easy on any advertising budget.

    Ordering Perforated Window Decals is Easy!

    Perforated Window DecalsDiscuss your van’s window sizes with our mobile marketing experts. We help you decide on a decal size, the layout, and the message you want to get across. If you plan to incorporate these decals into a full or partial vehicle wrap, we can assist you with that, too. Call us today to get started on your project!

    Perforated Window Decals

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