Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs, which are also known as lightbox signs or lightbox cabinets, are exterior signs that can either be mounted on a building or stand alone with a pedestal base in place. One of the many benefits of these signs is that they allow the sign’s message to come through bright and clear, even at night.

Features of Cabinet Signs

  • Lightweight Construction – Using aluminum, which is impervious to weathering and insect damage, these signs are lightweight which makes mounting to nearly any surface quite simple.
  • Translucent Outer Facing – Acrylic or polycarbonate facings allow as much light to shine through as you choose—your sign can be bright or muted depending on your particular needs.
  • Colorful Overlays – Convey your message to the world with colorful vinyl overlays. You can display nearly any text or graphic you imagine in the color scheme you choose.
  • Long-lasting LED Lights – LED lighting ensures the sign needs minimal bulb replacement and other maintenance, In addition, it costs little in way of utility usage.

Areas We Serve

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