Carved / Sandblasted

For a classic, traditional look, carved / sandblasted signs are a great choice. The base of the sign is either real wood or high-density urethane (HDU). The base of the sign can be shaped according to your specifications. Then, lettering is carved into the plank for a recessed look or the backing can be sandblasted away so that the lettering is raised off the surface. In either case, the result is attractive and easy-to-read.

Why Choose Carved / Sandblasted Signs?

  • Artistry – There is a lot of hands-on work that goes into each one of these signs. The result is a combination of form and function that is hard to match.
  • To Meet Local Regulations – Some locales have strict rules in place in regards to what type of signage can be utilized. These carved or sandblasted signs often meet these requirements.
  • Small Town Charm – If your business stands behind small-town values, a charming, old-fashioned sign may be a better choice than a more modern option.
  • Versatile – These signs can be used for building markers, monument facings or marketing signs.

Areas We Serve

Detroit Sign Factory proudly serves Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Farmington Hills, and the areas in and around Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties in Michigan. Feel free to contact us at