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    How to Save Money with a New 3D Wall Logo Sign

    It is easy to spend a mint when investing in a new lobby sign. With illumination now being available, many business owners splurge – with good reason – on the signage products that set the tone for your office’s overall atmosphere. But if the budget is tight, you do not have to compromise. In fact, you can save money but still market and brand like a pro with a 3D wall logo sign.

    A Laser-cut Acrylic Sign Offers the Three-dimensional Experience at a Lower Price

    3D Wall LogoDo you know why the combination of a laser-cut shape and lettering is less expensive than other acrylic lobby signs? The answer is surprisingly simple: material use. If we use less material, we charge you less money. So, rather than creating a full board that displays your information, why not present your logo as the centerpiece? It is an open design that only features the bordering of the image. Its appearance has the attractive 3D impression, which consumers like.

    Laminates are a Budget’s Best Friend

    3D Wall Logo
    You want the logo to look like an expensive chemically etched piece of brass. But your budget says no. No problem. We recommend the use of sign foam. The material is ideally suited for dramatic three-dimensional logo presentations that reach up to three inches in depth. They stand out in all the right ways. Also, they are very inexpensive. Combine them with a thin acrylic or metal laminate to give the illusion of an etched metal appearance. For an even more intricate presentation, we can also add an imprinted vinyl overlay to the 3D logo.

    Cast Metal in Not as Expensive as You Think!

    3D Wall LogoImagine greeting your customers with a cast metal logo plaque that also displays your lettering. Casting metal is actually not as expensive as other methods of combining this type of three-dimensional setup. Depending on the material you select – aluminum is always a good option – you can save even more. The trick here is to decide on the finished appearance that you want to achieve and then work backward. In other words, if you like the look of aged bronze with a strong patina, our experts help you stay within your budget by picking out the right material and color play to reach the desired look.

    How to Impress Customers and Clients with a 3D Wall Logo

    Because it is a logo-driven display, impressing the consumer happens via your brand message. To put it another way, the customer must recognize your branding and respond to it for the sign to be truly effective. You can easily achieve this by having supportive signage nearby. A first-time visitor to your location might take in a wall graphics display that highlights your logo as well as your corporate history. By putting the sign in context, responding to the brand message is easy.

    We recommend discussing your thoughts on this topic with our graphic artists. These experts can show you what a 3D wall logo sign could look like on your wall and offer you a number of material options. Call us today to learn more!

    3D Wall Logo

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