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    Temporary Custom Vehicle Graphics for Detroit Businesses

    This month, we have focused on custom vehicle graphics, fleet wraps, and truck lettering in Detroit. The vinyl product we use for the creation of these products is durable and, with proper care, can last between five to seven years. But what happens when you want to capitalize on the excellent visibility of mobile marketing for a short-term message? The answer is simple: temporary vehicle graphics. They really are a “thing.” What could you do with them?

    Car Dealerships Use Temporary Graphics for Price and Year Displays

    Custom Vehicle GraphicsThese decals feature the corporate color of the dealership or the vehicle maker. They may also present a co-branded logo feature that further advertises the company. Decals show cars’ model years, which is crucial for used car sellers, and perhaps the make. Some decals highlight desirable aspects of owning a particular car, truck, or van. Examples include stickers spelling out, “low miles” or “easy financing.” Once you sell the car, simply remove the decals. We recommend static cling products that you can re-use as needed.

    Service Businesses Display Special Offers

    Custom Vehicle Graphics
    What keeps patients away from dentists for elective services is the price tag attached to the procedure. Anything from teeth whitening to teeth straightening is costly when insurers do not chip in. That said, some service providers have now begun to advertise special offers they run in their offices when a manufacturer offers a cut-rate deal on supplies. By charging for labor rather than the high cost of the materials, they can bring more patients in. When the manufacturer ends the promotion, peel off the temporary decals.

    Seasonal Messages Connect with Consumers

    Wish your customers happy holidays, a great New Year, a fantastic spring, or a restful summer vacation with the kids. Whatever seasonal message you send resonates well with the consumer who appreciates the personal connection. Additionally, it boosts your relevance for a specific season. For example, while cheering on the kids who are staying home for summer vacation, remind mom or dad that you carry school uniforms when the season ends. After back-to-school sales, remove the lettering.

    QR Codes are the Quintessential Add-ons to Graphics Packages and WrapsCustom Vehicle Graphics

    You already have a wrap on your vehicle. However, you are getting internet savvy and going after your company’s social media presence. What do you need to bring virtual foot traffic to your website or social media site? The answer is surprisingly simple: quick response (QR) codes. We can imprint them on decals that we add on to your existing graphics package, full, or partial wrap. The product fits right in and looks great.

    Location Information for Food Trucks, Caterers, and Mobile Businesses

    Custom vehicle graphics for Detroit food trucks attract attention. Most companies in this niche will use Twitter and Facebook to advertise their locations on any given day. Imagine the impact your vehicle could have if you added temporary graphics with a weekly or monthly schedule! Customers could take pictures and plan their outings around your location. At the end of the week or month, remove the graphic or, if your route is predictable, keep it in place.

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    Custom Vehicle Graphics

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